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São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade 2018

The largest gay pride parade in the world celebrated its 22nd anniversary when the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade took over the city on Sunday, June 3, 2018Watch the recording of the live webcast.

The theme of the 2018 parade was Elections: Power for the LGBTI+ Our Vote, Our Voice and the objective is to utilize the movement to influence the upcoming Brazilian elections.  In 2017, over 3 million people took to the streets of Sao Paulo, according to parade estimates.

(Click to launch our Google Map of the parade route including landmarks of gay Sao Paulo.)

In the days leading up to the parade, São Paulo (already one of the most gay-friendly cities in Latin America) explodes with gay activities.  By day, “gayborhoods” like Frei Caneca and Largo do Arouche fill with couples.  And by night, nightclubs like The Week are packed.  We will update this page with a full schedule for the 2018 pride parade when it becomes available.

Getting There

For those searching for air/hotel packages, Expedia offers some of the lowest rates for package deals to São Paulo.  Europeans, Americans, and visitors who are  already in South America have a number of inexpensive options.

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Hotels & Gay-Friendly Places to Stay

South America’s largest city offers hundreds of great places to stay. Here’s our short list of hotels you can enjoy your stay for pride weekend.

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Pride Week 2018 Schedule

Film festivals, art exhibits, nightclub events, and even walks in the park.  The weeks before the actual parade on SundayJune 3rd will have something for everyone.

Thursday  May 31

18th Annual LGBT Cultural Fair @ 10am @ Vale do Anhagabau

Pre-Pride @ 6pm @ Boteco do Massay

Dama da Noite @9pm @ Cabaret da Cecilia

Talent @ 10:30pm @ Thermas Lagoa

Pop Party w/ Freddie Mercury Tribute @ 11pm @ Cantho

Churrasco @ 11pm @ The Week

Bigger @ 11pm @ Club Yacht

Erotika w/ live sex show @ 11pm Danger Dance Club

Friday  June 1

1st Annual Trans Pride March @ 2pm @ Largo do Arouche

“Os Rapazes da Rua Augusta” Play @ 9pm @ Teatro Bibi Ferreira

Bear Underwear Party @ 11pm @ Eagle Sao Paulo

Pre-Pride Strippers and Drag @ 11pm @ Bar Fama

Best Stripper Contest @ 10:30pm @ Thermas Lagoa

Gang Bang @ 11pm @ Wild Thermas

“Bigger” Party @ 11pm @ Blue Space

Maryana Mercury @ 11pm @ Bar Queen

Kevin @ 11 @ Zig

Sexta Destruidora @ 11pm @ Bar Verde

Matinee: Eterna 2018 Party @ 11:30pm  @ The Week

Dando (nude sex party) @ 11pm @ Club 380

Fun! @ 11pm @ Bubu

Freak Chic @ 11:30pm @ D-Edge

Saturday June 2

Free Walk Tour LGBT @ 3pm @ Largo do Arouche

Miss Brazil Gay Universe @ 9pm @ Memorial da America Latina

Milkshake Festival @ 4pm @ Anhembi Arena

We Party Mantra (co-promoted by The Week) @ 5pm @ Clube Aquatico Portuguesa

Ursound Mega Pride @ 11pm @ Audio Club

Main Party @ 11pm @ The Week

Sunday  June 3

22nd Annual LGBT Pride Parade 🏳️‍🌈 @ 10am @ MASP (location on Av. Paulista.)

Fresh Pride @ 3pm @ Hotel Prince Tower

Pool Party @ 4pm @ The Week

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Saunas & Sex

Every sex club, cinema, and sauna will be very active for Pride Week. We’ve listed them all on one page. Dive in!

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Photos from Pride 2018

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*Note for American visitors in 2018:  Travel to Brazil requires a visa.   Get visa info you will need in time for June’s pride parade from the U.S. State Department website.

Gay Couple Ejected By Homophobic Driver in Rio

A 36 year-old businessman will file a claim with the organization “Rio Without Homophobia” against a driver hailed using the 99taxis app (a popular alternative to Uber in Latin America.)

The plaintiff and his boyfriend were ejected from the car in the dead of the night on Avenida Almirante Barroso in downtown Rio.  The reason for expelling the couple?  One boyfriend fell asleep during the ride resting his head on the other’s shoulder.

They claim the driver informed them “I think you better leave.  I don’t want perversion in my car.”  as reported by Brazilian newspaper O Globo.

The couple had just left the popular Carnival bloco “Bunytos de Corpo” at 2AM.

The story of the homophobic 99taxis driver sparked a firestorm on Brazilian social media.  Shortly thereafter, 99taxis issued a statement in a follow up story by O Globo announcing that the driver in question had been dismissed.

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São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade Announces 2016 Event Will Focus on Transgender Rights

Guide to LGBT Pride Parade 2016 »

The world’s largest LGBT pride parade in São Paulo Brazil will commemorate its 20th anniversary with a focus on transgender rights.  The Parada do Orgulho LGBT de São Paulo is scheduled for Sunday, May 29, and will fill the streets of South America’s largest city.  (In 2013, parade organizers estimated over 5 million revelers from across the globe converged on the city’s parade.)

The decision to spotlight transgender rights in 2016, according to the Association of the LGBT Pride Parade [in Portuguese] is to both recognize the role of transgender individuals in the fight for LGBT rights, and to gain momentum in the push for Brazil’s Gender Identity Law.  This new legislation (named for João W Nery, Brazil’s first declared male transsexual) is currently under review.

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“Boa Noite, Cinderela”

There is something darkly sinister about the Portuguese phrase “Boa Noite, Cinderela.” It sounds like something an evil witch in disguise would say to an innocent Disney princess before feeding her a poisonous treat.  In Brazil, it describes the phenomenon of drugging victims in bars to later assault or rob them.

Outside of Latin America, mostly women are targeted with this type of crime, and sexual assault is usually part of the equation.  South of the Equator, gay men are often the prey.  The predators may also be gay, or they may be heterosexual.  Assailants only need to act gay long enough to befriend and flirt with a single gay man before slipping a drug into his drink.

The substance itself could be an existing party drug which creates the desired effect (Special K, GHB, or Rohypnol.)  Or, it could be scopolomine, a particularly scary drug with the abilities to subdue victims, make them compliant in their own robbery, and leave them with memory loss.

The goal is almost always robbery, and the story almost always ends with the victim awakening hours, sometime even days, later with no memory of what happened after they met their attacker.

Recently, the crime has entered the digital age with an assailant using Grindr to pick up, drug, and rob gay men in Sao Paulo.

The tips to staying safe are obvious, but worth sharing:

  • don’t accept drinks from strangers
  • keep your eye on your drinks (bottles and cans with smaller openings are more difficult to slip a drug into)
  • take your drink with you (to the dance floor, or the men’s room)
  • if you do take your eye off your drink, just dispose of it and order a fresh one
  • use the buddy system (or, set up a check-in with someone if you go out alone)
  • don’t party too hard if you do go out alone; it’s hard to tell the sensation of a knockout drug kicking in if you’ve already had ten caipirinhas
  • take only what you need for that night in your wallet
  • if traveling, make sure your room key is unidentifiable (trash the little envelope labeled “Copacabana Palace, Room #318”)

One final tip is to share your story if you have been victimized.  When attacks have happened in the gay bars of Sao Paulo, victims and their friends have taken to Facebook to post warnings and even distribute surveillance camera images of their attackers.