Rio de Janeiro Cancels 2017 Gay Pride Parade

For those waiting on the official date for this year’s LGBT pride parade in Rio de Janeiro, the wait is over.  But, the news is terrible for gay travelers looking forward to a weekend of fun in the Brazilian sun.

The financial crisis which continues to rock Brazil has claimed yet another casualty.  The nation’s biggest newspaper O Globo has announced the cancellation of Rio de Janiero’s  pride parade with the following quote:

Rio will not have a Gay Pride Parade this year.  And for 2018, it will undergo a radical overhaul. The organizers of the event (which last year brought over 600 thousand to the city’s iconic Avenida Atlântica) will be chosen by means of bidding. The official announcement will be announced before the end of 2017. According to the Special Coordinator of Sexual Diversity, the new process is a way to “democratize the organization of the Parade”.

Last year, Rio de Janeiro’s pride parade was nearly canceled when, in September 2016, the event organizers announced a financial shortfall of 2 million Brazilian Real.  However, an undisclosed donor made a last minute contribution which saved the parade allowing it to take to the streets in December, just before the close of the 2016.

Despite the absence of an official gay pride weekend this year, the city of Rio de Janeiro remains one of the world’s top gay-friendly destinations.  Plan your vacation and find the city’s hottest spots with our gay guide to Rio de Janeiro »

And, the world’s largest LGBT pride parade in Sao Paulo is still on track for June 18, 2017.

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