Rio de Janeiro Gay Pride 2018

If you mark your calendar for Rio de Janeiro’s 2018 LGBT Pride Parade, perhaps you should mark it with a pencil, because you may have to erase it.  As of January, there is no date has been set for this year’s parade.   Join our VamosGay Rio mailing list to be the first to know.

The year 2017 was difficult for Brazil, and particularly rough for Rio de Janeiro, were the ongoing financial crisis crippled many institutions.  Financing for the pride parade fell through several times.  Listed below are the updates documenting the on-again/off-again 2017 LGBT Pride Parade which eventually took place on November 19th.

Updated July 2017:
Good news for gay travelers!  As previously reported in April, the annual LGBT pride parade for one of the world’s most popular gay destinations was in jeopardy of cancellation as Brazil’s financial crisis continues.  However, we are happy to report that the parade will go on and is now scheduled for Sunday, October 15th.

Updated September 2017:
Yes, the parade organizers issued a statement one month before the scheduled date to inform the public the parade has been re-scheduled yet again.  As of now, the parade will take place on Sunday, November 19, 2017.  The week of festivities is set to begin on November 13th.

Plan your trip now with our guide to the top gay-friendly hotels and places to stay in Rio de Janeiro!  And check back for a full schedule of festivities once pride week events are confirmed.

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