Gay Saunas, Cinemas, and Sex Clubs of São Paulo Brazil

South America’s largest city is full of options for a good time.  Here’s an updated list of the best places in São Paulo.  Also, launch the VamosGay Google Map to Gay São Paulo (available for web and mobile.)

269 Chilli Pepper Single Hotel

Largo do Arouche 610
Sao Paulo, Brazil   Google Map »
Hours: 24 hours / 7 days
Stylish hotel / sauna for when you really need “get a room.”  More info on the Chilli Pepper website, and you can even watch an NSFW  video tour of the facilities.


Rua Álvaro de Carvalho, 380
Sao Paulo, Brazil   Google Map »
Formerly known as The Cube, the party spot located on 380 Alvaro de Carvalho Street is now known simply as 380, and it has everything needed to host a sex party: dance floors, two bars, darkrooms, and even showers for when it’s time to go home.  In 2017, club 380 has hosted infamous sex parties like Dando and Kevin.

Blackout Club

Largo Arouche, 205
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sun 5PM to 11PM
Fri 6PM to 5AM and Sat 8PM to 5AM
Downtown sex club continues to attract locals and tourists into its darkened maze of gloryholes, slings, and cabins.  Check the Blackout Club website for nights with specific fetish themes.

Cabines Bar

Rua da Consolação, 2504
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday from 10AM to 11PM
At the end of Avenida Paulista, a neon sign flashing “SEX” is where businessmen, laborers, students, and the occasional vagrant can be found wandering the video booths before taking the metro home.  No entrance fee, but the booths use tokens.  There is a bar and lounge for those who really want to wind down after a long day.

Champion Club

Largo do Arouche 336
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Sun – Fri 1PM – 10PM; Sat 1PM to 11PM
More focused on the spa experience.  Excellent facilities with less of the hardcore sex crowd.  Photos and promotions can be found on the Champion Club website.

Cine Arouche

Largo Arouche 418
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday, 24 hours
Buy a ticket to enter this dark cinematheque and explore two theaters and multiple levels of random sexual encounters.  This “cine” is also the base of operations for a few of the area’s transsexual hookers.  There’s a separate side entrance for a section with video booths.

Cine Dom José

Rua José Barros Magaldi, 306
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday 9AM to 10PM
Senior citizens and the men who love them spend their afternoons in this traditional theater which now shows triple X hetero movies to a gay audience.

Cine Kratos

Rua Aurora 522
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday 9AM to 11PM
The cleanest and most sociable of the downtown Cines.  Two levels with two different theatres: one straight, and another gay/bi.  On the entry level there is a full bar where patrons socialize.  Upstairs, there is a TV room where you can watch telenovelas in plush furniture while around the corner lie options for free cabins and a darkroom.

Cine Paris

Avenida Ipiranga 808
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday, 24 hours
Abandon all hope once you enter!  Dark and filthy.  Multiple shadowy corners where visitors can get a staph infection some action.  Bring a flashlight (leave your cellphone at home) to navigate Cine Paris’ many broken stairs and pitfalls.

Cine Republica

Avenida Ipiranga 752
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday, 24 hours
Cine Republica appears to be in a competition with Cine Paris for the filthiest place to have anonymous gay sex in downtown São Paulo.  Grimy floors and grimier men await visitors to this long-standing venue.  There’s also an area near the restrooms where hustler’s hunt for clients.

The Eagle

Rua São Miguel 57
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Open 7 days a week
The international chain now has a home in São Paulo.  The newly opened Eagle is located in Sao Paulo in the Consolacao neighborhood (too bad it’s not closer to the mature daddy bars downtown.)  There’s no cover from Monday through Thursday.  There’s a bar downstairs and various rooms to play on the second floor.  Check the Eagle São Paulo website for their calendar of events.

JN Sex Shop

Rua Nossa Senhora da Lapa 153
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday, 24 hours
Take a trip out to the Lapa neighborhood for the video store which continues to win rave reviews for its buddy booths and glory holes.  The JN Sex Shop website has photos and more information.

Labirinttu’s Club

Rua Frei Caneca 328
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours:  24 hours / 7 days
Located in the heart of Consolacão,the club promotes itself as “more than a sauna.” With a full bar and weekly party night, Labirinttu’s offers more than dark rooms, cubicles, and steam rooms.  More info on the Labirinttu Facebook page.

Ponto Zen Cine

Avenida São João 1119
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Everyday 11AM to 11PM
A decent downtown option.  There’s one large cinema theater, an upstairs “screening room,” a space with private cabins, and a “pitch black” dark room.  Have a seat at the bar and chat with the bartender between sessions.  The crowd is mixed and laid back.

RG Club

Rua Rio Grande 33
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Sun – Fri 6PM to midnight
Saturdays 8PM to 4AM
No taboos … but, there are a few rules at this wild Vila Mariana bar/sex club.  Consult the RG Club website before you go for the weekly schedule (programacao) and the rules (regras) for individual nights.  Don’t embarrass yourself by showing up for suit-and-tie play on RG Club’s popular fisting night.

Thermas Fragata

Rua Francisco Leitao 71
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours:  Everyday from 2PM to Midnight
Read the full review of Thermas Fragata »

Thermas Lagoa

Rua Borges Lagoa 287
São Paulo, Brazil Google map »

Hours: Sun – Thurs 2PM to midnight
Fri 2PM – 2AM  and Sat 2PM – 1AM
The best gay Brazilian sauna experience that money can buy!
Read the full review of Thermas Lagoa

Thermas Le Rouge

Rua Arruda Alvim, 175
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »

Everyday 2PM – 11:30PM
The other sauna in the Pinheiros neighborhood offers a more friendly, laid back vibe as an alternative to the hustlers and parties available at Thermas Fragata.

Upgrade Club

Rua Santa Isabel 198
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Tue – Thur 5PM to 11PM
Fri and Sat 9PM to 5AM; Sun 5PM to 11PM
On weekdays, it’s a popular after-work cruising destination.  Throughout the week, Upgrade hosts parties with various themes (underwear, twinks, blacks, bears, etc.) Visit the Upgrade Club website for the full schedule.

Wild Thermas Club

Rua Doutor Veiga Filho 802
São Paulo, Brazil Google Map »
Hours: Fri 2PM – 5AM;  Sat-Thur 2PM – 11PM
Take a trip to the Higienopolis neighborhood to catch an assortment of students, married men, and other professional types at this popular sauna.  Wild Thermas has several monthly and weekly parties available on their website and Facebook page, but none are as popular as their Clube dos Pauzudos (the Big Dick Club, where those who “measure up” get special promotions.)

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