Termas Fragata

The customer is always right at this Pinheiros sauna.

Rua Francisco Leitão 71
São Paulo, Brazil Google map »

Everyday from 2PM to midnight

The rules of the house are simple.  Upon arrival, the front desk the front desk will give you a towels, flip flops, and a key to a locker on the left.  This means they assume you are a client who has made the trip to Pinheiros to spends some time with one of the many garotos de programa working Termas Fragata.  Or, maybe you have come to check out one of the venues popular shows featuring musicians, drag performers, and go-go dancers.

There is a small bar from which you have a view of the glass-enclosed shower space where the working boys get nice and clean before entertaining clients in the adjacent sauna rooms.  To continue the action upstairs, pick up a key at the front desk to a private bedroom upstairs.

Aside from the garotos, Termas Fragata is famous for it’s drag shows, strippers, and even bingo nights which provide something extra for visitors.  They also offer legit massages, a steam room, and a dry sauna.

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