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Gay São Vicente, Santos, Guarujá – Guide to the São Paulo Coast

Take a break from the concrete jungle of São Paulo and ride to the sands of LGBT-friendly Santos, Guarujá, and  São Vicente.

The  VamosGay Guide to São Paulo’s southern coast will show you how to get there, where to stay, and what to explore.  Scroll down for our updated list of bars, clubs, attractions, and saunas.  And, you can mark your calendar for a few upcoming LGBT-popular events:
New Years’ Eve / Réveillon – Tue Dec 31, 2024
Carnival – Fri Feb 28 – Wed Mar 5, 2025
✝️ Good Friday / Sexta-Feira Santa – Fri Apr 18, 2025
️‍ Santos SP Pride – Sun June 30, 2024

Getting There

For most foreigners, the trip to São Paulo’s coast comes after they have already landed in Brazil.  (Check out our list of airlines for tips and cheap international fares.) From downtown São Paulo, it takes approximately 1.5 hours by car.  Be aware that coastal cities are very popular during holiday weekends.  Check this calendar of Brazilian national holidays before you plan your trip.   One last tip for gringos, the seasons are opposite from what you expect in North America and Europe, so prepare to freeze in your Speedo if you go in July.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting there by bus:

  • Various bus companies service São Paulo’s coast and makes it easy to reserve a ticket via Cometa (the most popular,) Brasil Rapido, or Ultra. Use Google Translate to navigate and buy your tickets via credit card or PayPal.  (Tickets may also be purchased in person at Jabaquara Terminal)
  • Take the Metro to Jabaquara station.  It’s the terminal of the blue line.
  • Once you depart the subway at Metro Jabaquara, look for the rodoviaro signs and head to the bilheteria to pick up your ticket using the confirmation code and your passport.  Make a note of your poltrona, that is the number of your seat.
  • Check the hora de chegada on your ticket to find out exactly when your bus will arrive.  Your bus may make additional stops and you don’t want to get off to early.  You can also show the address to your driver and ask that he signal when your stop is ready.  Drivers are friendly, but do not speak English.
  • If you’re staying a distance away from a pre-designated stop, you may have to take an EMTU bus.  (Or, pay over R$20 for a taxi at the rodoviario. )

Guide to São Vicente

By far the most popular gay destination of São Paulo’s coastal cities, São Vincente has an LGBT-friendly section of beach known as Praia Itararé which extends to Ilha Porchat.  The small cluster of beach stands, or quiosques, is anchored by Quiosque da Cris and it is where you can find sunbathing gay guys and lesbians having beers, or a bit further down, exercising on the sand.

Ilha Porchat is a bit of an uphill climb, but is worth it for the Niemeyer Monument.  It has open-air panoramic views of Sao Vicente’s green landscape by day, and comes to life with parties at The Club International at night.

Hotels in São Vicente

When looking for a place to stay in the gay sections of São Vicente, your options are easy: Itararé Beach and Porchat Island.  Both sections are also less than 30 minutes away from each other by foot.

Flat Itararé /Technoflat

Great location!  Individual apartment style rooms with a hotel infrastructure for a great stay.  Very popular, so click below for availability and photos.

View hotel details/lowest rate

Palais Hotel

One of the newest hotels in the centre of São Vicente, just 300 m from Itararé Beach. It offers stylish apartments with many amenities, and some have a private hot tub in the room.  Daily breakfast and wi-fi.  Solo travelers particularly like the location — they rated it 8.9 for a one-person stay.

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Hotel Mont Rey

Very well-run, inexpensive, and 15 minutes by foot from Praia Itararé, Hotel Mont Rey is popular with both gay groups and straight families.  (The Sunday morning breakfast buffet is always interesting and delicious.)

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Ilha Porchat

Make sure you select a room with a sea view to soak up the sun overlooking the stunning vista of Ilha Porchat.  Click below for photos and booking info.

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Logus Hotel

Sparkling clean “love motel” for couples who want to “get a room.”  Suites have various themes and special romantic touches.  The Logus is also a recommended option for solo travelers looking for a good deal and a unique experience.

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Click here full the full list of hotels available in Sao Vicente >

Beaches, Bars, and Saunas

The list of specifically gay spots is small, but most of the region is gay-friendly.  Try our Google Map of the gay Sao Paulo’s southern coast to find each location.

Quiosque da Cris

All of the boys love Cris, the super-friendly lesbian owner of Quiosque da Cris (Cris’ Kiosk) and her spot on the beach is the place to go for a beer with friends and lots of eye-candy.  Gay guys and lesbians create a friendly mix.  The section of beach serviced by Cris and her staff gets full during the summer.  Feel free to check out adjacent gay-friendly kiosks, but remember, Cris is number one.  (Bonus tip: the New Year’s Eve party on the beach at Quiosque da Cris is legendary!)

The Club International (aka The Club Litoral)

There’s nothing better than taking a break the energy of a sweaty dance floor to have a cocktail by the pool or on the terrace overlooking sea.  The Club International is a guaranteed night to remember.  Check out the TCI Facebook page for weekly event info.

Dick Bar Litoral

For those who can remember the sleazy good times of Dick Bar in downtown Sao Paulo, the former owner has resurfaced on the coast.  After opening, closing and re-opening, in 2024, it appears to be for women-only now.  Get the latest event info on the Dick Bar Litoral FB page.

Sauna 1

Gay sauna in Santos that specializes more in professional services, massage, and hydrotherapy.  Popular with “straight” married men and their fans.

Tribal Club permanently closed

The biggest and best LGBT club on the Santos end of the coast has closed.  There was hope that it would re-open, but the founder and owner recently announced his retirement and the permanent closure of Tribal Club.

Thermas Senador / Thermas 1087

The recently renamed Thermas 1087 is a gay sauna frequented by locals.  In need of renovation and almost impossible to guarantee the best time to go.  But, take a chance early in the evening (from 6 to 9pm) and you’ll give it a thumbs up. 

Thermas Oasis

Well established gay sauna in Guarujá.  Thermas Oasis has mixed, but mostly positive reviews.  Find it on our map below and try it for yourself!

Explore Even More of Gay São Paulo

After your fun in the sun, come back to the city and explore the VamosGay guide to São Paulo.


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