Dick Bar

The hardest working strippers in Sao Paulo!

Rua Epitácio Pessoa 15
São Paulo, Brazil   Google Map »
Fri and Sat 11PM – 5AM

⛔  2/22/2016 — Dick’s Bar has been temporarily closed. This listing will be updated when it re-opens.

Every Friday and Saturday, the “most interactive strippers in São Paulo” take the stage (and more) at Dick Bar.

The interior is very low-budget from floor to ceiling, but the staff is super friendly and the dancers are the main attraction.  These are not the stand-and-pose variety of go go boys.  At Dick’s Bar, these entertainers aim to give customers a full show with choreography, costumes, props, and even a tiny sidestage with a working shower.

Much like the Chippendales, a couple of lucky guests can get extra attention on stage with a lap dance.  Move from the bar to a table if you want some one-on-one time with one of the dancers.

After 4AM, the lights are dimmed, the dancers strip down to a towel, and anyone seated gets a very special visit.  Don’t  forget to hit the ATM before a night out at Dick’s Bar.  The friendly boys are even friendlier if you have cash.

The promoter also supplies talent to special nights at Bar Queen and Bar Fama, but at Dick Bar, the focus is on the strippers.

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