Caneca de Prata

Literally overflowing with daddies, bears, and their admirers.

Avenida Viêira de Carvalho 63
São Paulo, Brazil     Google Map »

Everyday 6PM until Closing

No drag queens or strippers required!  Gray beards, potbellies, and cold beer are all it takes to pack the sidewalk in front of Caneca de Prata every weekend.  The bar itself is quite nice, but for most it’s just a place to grab a beer.  The sidewalk in front on Viêira de Carvalho is the place for men of a certain age to socialize and cruise … and has been since the 1940’s!

In Portuguese, Caneca de Prata means “the silver mug” and in São Paulo it’s a name well known as the place to find coroas (older men.) Come experience the camaraderie at this historic spot and continue the night at one of the many nearby clubs.

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