Fiesta Dorothy at Palacio Alsina

⛔  Permanently Closed.  For a similar good time, check out the Furiosa parties, or any of the gay bars and clubs of Buenos Aires.

Adolfo Alsina 940
Buenos Aires, Argentina    Google Map »

Yes, Palacio Alsina is an actual palace, and yes, your jaw will drop the moment you step inside. The decadent and dramatic space inspires equally over-the-top live productions with armies of go-go boys, classically trained dancers, and stunning visual displays.

Palacio Alsina has three open balconies and multiple sections with individual themes and DJs.  Fiesta Dorothy at Palacio Alsina is expensive, but it’s well worth the cost.

If you miss the monthly Dorothy party and need a decadent party fix in Buenos Aires, try any of the other events Rheo Group promotes on their website.

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