Cantho Dance Club

Popular dance club.  Not too young.  Not too old.

Largo do Arouche 23
Sao Paulo, Brazil     Google Map »
Saturday 11PM until closing
Sunday 12AM until closing

The perfect time to enter on a Saturday night is 1AM after hanging at the bars on Viera de Carvalho a few blocks away.  Cantho’s Sunday night party, Private, is also a popular (and younger) option.  The club is mostly closed on Fridays, but check for the occasional sexta-feira promotion on the social media links below for special Friday events.

Cantho is an excellent option for anyone flying solo.  Just order a drink at the back bar, enjoy the music, and cruise some of the many other hot single guys.  At Cantho, cruising is helped some really strong mixed drinks, so be careful!

There’s one big main dance floor and an upstairs area. Musically, Cantho specializes in “flashback” music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

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