Festa Javali

Creative DJs keep the fun vibe flowing at one of São Paulo’s best monthly parties.

Praça Almeida Junior, 86
São Paulo, Brazil
Hours: 11PM – 7AM (Monthly)

Named after a wild boar, the “Javali” party continues to stampede through the tired formulas of nightlife and bring joy to hip young paulistanos every month.  But don’t let the name fool you.   Festa Javali, and the devoted legion of followers it has gained over three years, is all about having a positive good time.  The music is a fun mix of pop, soul, funk, samba, disco and any other style the party’s resident DJs throw into a musical blender.

The crowd combines guys (gay and straight) and girls (hetero and lez.) The venue (located in Liberdade, São Paulo’s sprawling Japantown district) is big enough to let you float around from one pocket of fun to the next.

Tickets are pricey and best bought online before you go.  Visit the Festa Javali Facebook page for the link to order tickets, and to check out crazy photos from past festas.

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