Extra-large events for bears and their admirers.

Location: Various
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🌈 Pride Week 2016 Events

Fri     5/27     Bear Pride at Club Hotel Cambridge
Sat    5/28     Bear Pride at Audio Club SP

Ursound parties Sao Paulo pride 2016

Bears are not known for being fabulous.  For instance, a bear party could just be a simple night at a bar where the hairy and hefty can meet old friends and make new ones.  However, Ursound parties take that community vibe and build upon it with DJs to make a full nightlife experience.

One of Latin America’s biggest festas de ursos (bear parties) runs into the wee hours of the morning with bearded big guys hooking up with each other, or any of the many bear-chasers who attend.

Competition for bear dollars in São Paulo has intensified with newer parties like Bigger.  However, Ursound remains the biggest and best.

A tip for bears: Before visiting Ursound, start the night with drinks at Soda Pop Bar.  And, pick up a copy of Bear Mais magazine if you can find one.


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