Club Ambar

Party ’til sunrise at this well-run mega club!

Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 154
Santiago Chile Google Map »

Thur 11:30PM – 4AM
Fri and Sat 11:30PM – 5AM

This multi-level club pulls in an amazing lineup of DJs and live entertainment.  (Yes, more drag and go-go boys, but Club Ambar presents some of the best performers in Santiago, and they keep the music flowing until 5AM.)

A few visitors have compared Club Ambar to the London mega club GAY, so gay travelers seeking a similar vibe, a young crowd, electro-pop music, and multiple spaces to explore will have an fun time.

Club Ambar also has trendy little antesala (a small area before you enter the larger room) that opens at 11:30pm, and often offers snacks and 2-for-1 drink promotions.

From the links below, the Club Ambar website is the most frequently updated source of info.  Also, keep an eye out for Ambar’s floating Monday night party!

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