Coco BelLavista (Club Principe)

A trashy good time.

Pio Nono 398
Santiago, Chile    Google Map »

Tuesday – Saturday 11PM – 5AM

Located a few blocks away from the cluster of boy bars on Bombero Nunez, Coco Bellavista (formerly known as Club Principe) lacks the foot traffic from gay barhoppers.  However, it is located on Pio Nono which is an excellent street for restaurants.  So, maybe after a late dinner at Patio Bellavista, go for a stroll up to Coco.  It’s open seven days a week and only has a cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays.  Drinks are relatively cheap, and you may even stumble upon a night of barra libre (open bar.)

Coco Bellavista has two floors, four different sections, and a patio for smokers.  When the club is full, the various spaces work.  When it’s empty … not so much.

The go-go boys at Coco Bellavista (formerly Club Principe) are hot, and the best days to catch them in action are Fridays, Saturdays, and the occasional Wednesday.  Tuesdays nights are popular for fans of reggaeton music.

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