Mature crowd continues to pack Santiago’s historic gay bar.

Avenida Santa Maria 832
Santiago Chile    Google Maps »

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun 11PM – 4AM

Take a break from the twinks and have a beer with some hot daddies at Fausto, the oldest gay discotheque in South America.

For a club that has been on the scene for over three decades, Fausto shows no signs of decay.  Its classically designed wood interiors are reminiscent of a gentlemen’s club.  And there is a great staircase where patrons can cruise before heading to any of Fausto’s various sections.

Thursdays is the most popular night.  Fridays is the day for bears and their admirers.  And, Saturdays are dominated by big shows with DJs and drag performers.

One last tip:  Leave your female friends at home.  At Fausto, ladies are often charged a cover fee and may get the cold shoulder at the door.

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