Illuminati Club

The next generation of nightlife for gay, straight, and everything in between.

Antonia López de Bello 131
Santiago, Chile

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat  11:30PM – 4AM

If you ask a few gay Santiaguinos (the word used for the people of Santiago de Chile) what’s the “coolest” gay club in the city, the most will recommend Illuminati Club.

Open Wednesday through Saturday, Illuminati Club is a trendy alternative to nightlife institutions like Bunker. The crowd is very mixed.  Mostly gay guys, but with a nice infusion of girls, both gay and straight.

The Fiesta Eleven group takes over every Wednesday night with their popular “Oliver Miercoles” party.  (Weekly updates on the social media links below.)

Drinks are relatively cheap, but beware if you order top-shelf liquor.  It may taste off-brand, or watered down.

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