X Limon

A young crowd keeps the dance floor popping seven days a week.

Dardignac 142
Santiago, Chile    Google Map »

Mon-Thur and Sun 11pm – 4am
Fri and Sat 11pm – 5am

Looking to party on a weeknight?  X Limon is one of the best few options.

Before you enter, You’ll get an idea of the crowd inside as you’ll see many of them hanging outside on the corner of Dardignac and Bombero Nunez.  X Limon mostly attracts gay twentysomethings and their BFFs who are looking to have a good time and aren’t worried about being at work the next day.

No need to find a cheap place to get liquored up before this club.  X Limon often offers a vaso – one cup that you get free refills on.  Check X Limon’s social media pages before you go for daily promotions.

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