Coronavirus updates gay travel

If you are one of the millions who viewed disco icon Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” hand washing video, you have seen a great metaphor for the current COVID-19 crisis. Let’s stay safe, keep our spirits up, and hold on for the future.

Most major cities across the globe have pride month events scheduled for 2020, and most of them will be forced to cancel and reschedule. Here’s a brief summary for the cities we cover on VamosGay: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Montevideo, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Lisbon. Try to compare the latest international airfares.
(Note: The information below is current as of July 25, 2020.)

🇦🇷 Buenos Aires Sat, Nov 7 (unconfirmed)
🇵🇹 Lisbon (unknown)
🇧🇷 São Paulo cancelled for 2020, new date June 6, 2021
🇧🇷 Rio de Janeiro Sun, Sept 27 (confirmed)
🇨🇱 Santiago Chile Sun, Jun 28 (online only)
🇲🇽 Mexico City Sat, Jun 27 (online only)
🇺🇾 Montevideo (Fri, Sept 25 confirmed)

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