Chains Pub

Have a drink at the bar, or chill in the small lounge before heading out to the bigger clubs.

Soriano 827
Montevideo, Uruguay   Google Map »

Thurs, Fri, and Sat 12am – 7am

Nightlife in Montevideo starts extraordinarily late and Chains is a great option if you’d like to get warmed up before heading to Cains, or Il Tempo. Chains is also great as a sole destination if barhopping until 6AM sounds like torture.

At the door, you’ll get hit with a “minimum consumption charge” of 250 Uruguayan Pesos (between 8 to 9 US Dollars.) It’s not a cover charge, and you’ll receive a credit voucher to order drinks.

If visiting Chains as a single non-Spanish speaking tourist, you’ll soon be engaged by a friendly Uruguayan. Chains a popular option for guys over 40 and benefits from the fact that it is only one of three gay-specific nightlife options in MVD.

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