Il Tempo

Performances take center stage at this long-standing nightspot.

Gonzalo Ramirez 2121 (near Parque Rodo)
Montevideo, Uruguay

Of Montevideo’s three gay nightclubs, Il Tempo is the most bohemian.  No one dances with their shirts off to vibrating techno.  The crowd is very mixed with gay guys, straight girls, lesbians, and a few straight boys.  The decor is a bit trashy, but no one cares.  Fans of Il Tempo come to drink and have a good time.  The live entertainment is a wide spectrum of sketch comedy, drag spectaculars, and musicians.

Il Tempo is located on the edge of Parque Rodó one of the most entertaining sections of Montevideo with many activities.  You can stroll along the lawn where teen couples go to hang out, visit a casino for a bit of gambling, or hang out with kids at an amusement park (shouldn’t it be past their bedtime?) before popping over to Il Tempo to party into the wee hours.

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