The most highly recommended option for Thursday nights in Buenos Aires, Glam achieves that perfect combination of hot men and great music.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself back on Saturday for even more dancing and cruising.

José Antonio Cabrera 3046 (between Laprida & Anchorena)
Buenos Aires Argentina    Google Map »

Now for the downside … The cover charge and drink prices are among the highest in the city. Raising the bar for entry tends to keep the hustlers and pickpockets away. However, iPhones have been known to disappear from the pockets of tourists at Glam, so keep your wits about you while dancing to top 40 mixes in the main room, or latin beats on the smaller dance floor.

If for some reason you want to take a break from the handsome locals, look up to the narrow stage where pumped up go-go boys strip down and dance. The narrow side area leading to the stage offers some entertainment of its own as a makeshift dark room.

Glam parties start late even by Buenos Aires standards. The perfect time to hit the front door is 2:30am. The dance floor is often packed at 5, so take advantage of the outdoor smokers lounge if you need to take a break.

(Remember: Thursdays and Saturdays are the nights for gay guys to party at Glam. Beware of Fridays which are often straight and/or lesbian nights.)

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