KM Zero

Take a seat close to the stage for an outrageous good time.

Av. Santa Fe 2516
Buenos Aires, Argentina    Google Map »
Everyday 11:30pm – 6am

Doors open just before midnight and the shows begin around 12:30.  KM Zero has a nice small bar, but the stage is focal point of this underground night club.

From cabaret-style table seating, viewers can watch muscular strippers take it all off.  Most of the guys are from the Chippendales’ school of striptease.  Their uniforms, costumes, and props fall off one by one until they are totally nude.  However, fans of the “full monty” may be disappointed.  Frontal nudity is very brief and is saved for the final moments of a stripper’s performance right before he takes a bow and exits the stage.  Occasionally, a more adventurous go-go dancer will let it all hang out for a longer period, however Argentinian strip clubs don’t offer anything as  wild as what can be found in Mexico and Colombia.

The strip show is often followed by drag queens lip syncing and performing comedy.  Almost all of the show is in rapid-fire Spanish, but if you’re not fluent, just sit back and enjoy the visuals while drinking a nice cold Quilmes.

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