Gay Tango at La Marshall and Tango Queer

A masculine sharply-dressed man passionately leading a beautiful woman with a flowing dress is instantly recognizable around the world as the tango, the iconic dance from Argentina.

For some, the idea of gay tango may seem like a radically new concept.  However, as proven by the photo on the Wikipedia page for the history of the tango, male couples have been dancing since the early 1900s.

The tradition of same-sex tango is kept alive and well in Buenos Aires at two places which welcome tourists.

La Marshall Milonga
Every Friday, classes begin at 10:30PM, and one hour later the milonga (an event where the tango is danced) begins.  La Marshall is totally integrated and hetero, gay, and lesbian couples all share the dance floor at El Beso, located on Riobamba 416.  Check the La Marshall Milonga website or Facebook page before you go to go.

Tango Queer
Much larger than La Marshall, the Tango Queer organization not only organizes a Tuesday gay milonga, they are also responsible for the International Festival of Tango Queer.

Tango Queer’s weekly event is held at Buenos Aires Club located on Peru 571 every Tuesday.  Classes begin at 8:30pm and the milonga performances start at 11pm.  Up-to-date info can be found on the Tango Queer website and Facebook page.

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