Cain Club

Red Bull is not required to stay awake for the late night fun at Montevideo’s high-energy gay club.

Cerro Largo 1833 at Arenal Grande
Montevideo, Uruguay     Google Map »

Fridays and Saturdays 12AM – 7AM

Not to be confused with Chains Disco Pub, which is a great place to grab a drink around 11pm, Cain Club is strictly a late night spot where the doors open at midnight and don’t close until 7AM.

Cain Club offers two floors of dancing, two bars, and three small lounge areas.  The crowd tends to be under 35, and women (straight and lesbian) can be about 40 percent of the crowd on any given night.  There’s even a tiny upstairs area if you find a cute boy to make out with.  However, Cain is not a cruising bar; the crowd is more about have fun time with your ten best friends.

There are drag shows and strippers, but Cain is more about the music.  Check their social media before you go!  Cain only opens on Friday and Saturday nights.

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