Sitges Bar

If you’re gay and visiting Buenos Aires … start the night at Sitges!
See? That was easy.

Cordoba 4116
Buenos Aires, Argentina    Google Map »

The cover charge is not very expensive and, on Fridays, it includes an “open bar.” The drinks themselves are not very good, but stick to beer and you’ll be fine. There’s a bar area that is often packed with locals and tourists. The crowd is pretty diverse and friendly. The music is mostly dance mixes of top 40 tunes. There is a second area with a dance floor and extra seating. There are nightly drag shows that are OK. The bathrooms are much cleaner than most places.

If Sitges sounds so underwhelming, why does it remain a top destination?

Sitges is an average place for average guys. It also starts mercifully early (at 11PM, Wednesdays through Sundays) in a city where sometimes you don’t want to wait until 2:30AM for things the heat up.

For tourists, Sitges also feels very “comfortable” for the following reasons: Most of the staff speaks English, there’s less of a criminal element wandering around the bar, the local Argentines who hang out at Sitges may not be as handsome as the “male model” types who frequent places like Glam, but they can be attractive.

Now that you understand the appeal, take your nose out of the air and enjoy a nice early night at Sitges. And, if you’re in the mood to keep the party going, mega-nightclub Amerika is within walking distance! Or, on Thursdays, head to Sitges early in the evening before heading to Glam. You can fill up on cheap drinks and pick up a free and/or discounted pass for Glam.

Sitges doesn’t have a website, but frequently update their social media accounts at the links below.

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