Editor’s Choice: Best Gay Dining in Ipanema

Rua Gomes Carneiro 30
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      Google map »

Mon – Thurs 12PM – 1AM
Friday 12PM – 3AM
Saturday 10AM – 3AM
Sunday 10AM – 1AM

After a long day on Ipanema Beach, hop into your hotel shower, put on a fresh shirt, and walk over for a bite to eat at Felice (formerly known as Felice Caffè.)  It’s a classy, yet casual, place with a varied menu and a fine selection of fun, attractive, gay men.  These aren’t muscle Marys or sauna boys, but young professionals who like to have fun.  Felice is a few blocks away from the more popular Tô Nem Ai, but has better food and fewer tourists.  In recent years, it has become popular with straights, so expect a mixed crowd.

As for the food, it would be difficult to not find something delightful on the menu.  Salads, pastas, and grilled items are equally well prepared.  Also, save room for dessert!  You can browse every flavor of sorvete (ice cream) before deciding on the sweetest way to end your trip to Felice.

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