Bar da Lôca

The unofficial “waiting room” for A Lôca, the megaclub next door.

Rua Peixoto Gomide 106
São Paulo, Brazil    Google Map »
Hours: Everyday from 6PM to 1AM

Bar To Zé is the actual name of this simple, yet always busy, bar near one of the cities most popular nightclubs .  But, just tell your friends you’ll meet them at Bar da Lôca.  It’s an average stretch of sidewalk gay guys to chill, have a beer, and people watch.  (Adventurous eaters might try something from one of the nearby food carts.)

Drinks at Bar da Lôca are a cheap way to get bebido before a night at A Lôca.  It’s fun, but be aware that most of the “bar” is on the sidewalk.

It’s so informal, there’s not much to follow on social media.  But, links for Bar da Lôca are listed below.

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