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Up Cozinha & Bar

Chill out on the terrace with eclectic Brazilian cocktails and tapas.

R. Frei Caneca, 1057
São Paulo, Brazil    Google map »

Life is good when you’re on the terrace at Up Cozinha & Bar and your order arrives.  Maybe it’s double caipirinha night, or maybe you and your best amigos are just having a few beers.  Either way, Up Cozinha & Bar is a great place to unwind and have a good time.

Located near Rua Augusta, the loud and frenetic party street, Up Cozinha & Bar is one the best places to have fun without the insanity of the Augusta crowd.  Up was launched by the same proprietors of Lekitsch, the popular gastropub way down the street in the Praca Roosevelt neighborhood, and it maintains the same eclectic interior design and patrons.

Expect to find a creative crowd of gay and straight Brazilians socializing at Up over a quirky menu of cocktails and appetizers.  Afterwards, head over to Urbe Café Bar for an espresso and maybe some more fun.

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