Bella Paulista

After the club, we all get hungry.  And, we all go to Bella Paulista!  

Rua Haddock Lobo 354
São Paulo, Brazil      Google map »

Open 24hrs everyday

What began years ago as a padaria (bakery) on Haddock Lobo (a street better known as a place to pick up very sexy female hookers in the wee hours of the morning) is now an upscale destination for party-goers to end the night.

Bella Paulista’s menu offers as many items as a restaurant, but the best options are from their bakery.  They make a sanduíche na chapa (a panini-like pressed sandwich) that is so good it drives muscular party boys to temporarily abandon their no-carb diets.

Aside from late-night snacks, Bella Paulista is an great spot to see-and-be-seen.   There are booths for large groups and seats at the counter for singles.

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