Museum of Sexual Diversity

Ground-breaking small exhibition space

Rua do Arouche 24  (inside Metro República)
São Paulo, Brazil       Google map »

Tue – Sun 10AM – 8PM
Closed Mondays

The creators of the Museu da Diversidade Sexual, a celebration of queer Brazil, chose not to bury the museum inside the halls of a university, or an exclusive arts district.  Instead, it is boldly located within the heavily-trafficked República metro station, a hub of São Paulo’s major subway lines.

The Museum of Sexual Diversity could more accurately be described as a small exhibition space.  There are very few permanent installations, but the space is kept fresh with new exhibitions, mostly from the visual arts.  The space also curates events featuring LGBT artists, scholars, and personalities.  Visit the Facebook link below for a schedule of current and upcoming events.

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