Como Se Dice? Twenty Words and Phrases En Espanol

Most bartenders and doormen in Latin America do not speak English, but most can put together a few words and play a bit charades to communicate the basics.  Don’t be afraid to go out if you’re not fluent in

  • activo – the role of the “top”
  • agua – water (in bars, you’ll need to specify “con gas” if you want it with gas, or “sin gas” without
  • bano – bathroom
  • barra libre – open bar / free drinks
  • boliches – nightclubs
  • cerveza – beer
  • canilla libre – open bar (see also “barra libre”)
  • chupito – a shot of alcohol
  • cuánto? – How much? (can also use Cuánto cuesta?)
  • cubierto – “cargo por cubierto” – literally “cover charge” (see also “entrada”)
  • entrada – entrance fee / cover (see also cubierto)
  • passivo – the sexual role of the “bottom”
  • sin azucar – sugar free
  • sin gelo – without ice (pronounced “seen yeilo”)
  • “taxi boys” – male escorts / prostitutes
  • tragos – mixed drinks / cocktails

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