Size matters! And it doesn’t get much bigger than Amerika!

But, for some, Amerika is way too much of a good thing. Here are the pros and cons of this gay porteño institution.

Gascón 1040 (Av Cordoba)
Buenos Aires Argentina     Google Map »

Fri, Sat, Sun 12am – 6am

A frequent visitor to Argentina refers to this discoteca as “Big Bad Amerika,” and it’s a fairly accurate description of Buenos Aires’ largest, most popular, and gayest nightclub.

Here’s the “good” … Dance music aficionados can groove to lineups from world-renowned DJs every weekend.  The go-go boys are big, beautiful, and appear to be in endless supply. Cruising is easy on any of the dance floors, and even easier in the Amerika’s dark room … more on that later!

And, now for the “bad” … Because Amerika attracts tourists, it also attracts the criminals who want to rob them.  Use a bit of common sense and you can avoid the most of danger. (Reading our guide on how to stay safe in Latin America is a good start.)

However, if you want to throw caution to the wind, explore  Amerika’s infamous dark room.  This darkened tunnel of lust is actually a spacious corridor on the second floor where it all goes down. Like all of Amerika, the dark room is mostly gay, but straight revelers have also been known to disappear into the shadows before returning to the dance floor.

Doors don’t even open until after midnight, so be well rested!  Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are all gay-friendly, but check the schedule on Amerika’s Facebook page before you go.  (Editor’s note: Saturday’s at Glam might be a better, and gayer option.)

The cover fee is high (between 15 and 20 USD) but there’s often a barra libre (open bar) promotion until a certain hour, or all night if you’re lucky!

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